FIRST CONTACT - From the moment when you first contact LB Photography we instantly begin to personalize your experience with us. We will invite you to meet us, for an informal chat, with a coffee and refreshments. In or der for us to be part of one of the most intimate days of your lives, we would like to form a connection with you and your partner.

PRE-WEDDING SHOOT– You can choose to have this shoot, get to meet Luke in action so you can see how he works as your photographer, it’s almost a trial for your big day. It’s also an opportunity to build relationships, so you know who will be taking your photos on your wedding day, adding a more comfortable approach.

WEDDING SCHEDULE – This is when we can talk about what’s happening on your wedding day, to get planning and a full overview of what will be happening and when. Luke can then ensure your scheduling runs smoothly, he will work with you on your wedding day to ensure everything to plan.

ON YOUR WEDDING DAY – After the run up stages and planning of your special day the relationship you will have with Luke will assure your experience on the day will be just how you imagined. Luke will work to ensure scheduling and your personal requirements are taken care of, the shots L uke takes will be capturing every moment of your wedding day for you to enjoy.

ONLINE VIEWING – This is just for you, it’s the preview of your wedding day shots, for you to choose to share and show to your friends and relatives, it’s all yours to do as you wish. It’s also the chance to choose what shots you will add to an album or choose to be framed, not just simply on disc.

FINISHING TOUCHES – This is where your memories come together, it’s when you come
in to view your photo choices that will be included in your album, this is fun part and when you may need your tissues, as you will be reminded of your special day. This is when you articulate your wedding day story.

"Getting the photos online is a bit like getting the words for a novel, creating an album is like articulating your story."

TAKING YOUR MOMENTS HOME – This is when everything comes together it’s about the tangibility, picking it up to think about the day you’ve had, a tangible album, reminding you about your wedding day at any time. All of our packages are custom built to fit your needs. To give you an es timate, our packages s tart from $2650 and come with exclusive custom-made products. Send us an email for our comprehensive price list, and we can discuss your exact needs. We look forward to hearing from you.