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Wedding Photography Tips For Beginners – Basic Advice For Beginners

With so many great wedding photography tips available on the market, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with all of the different techniques that make up a professional photography portfolio. And with so many different cameras and film types on the market, how do you know which camera settings to use? Fortunately, there is an abundance of information that can help to give you the right wedding photography tips for beginners. We’ll take a look at some of the most important camera settings for you to think about.


Wedding Photography Tips – First, before the wedding check out the photography equipment you’ll be using to take your equipment out and take the following steps first. Make sure that your tripod is level and that the camera is battery powered (or you will risk losing your pictures during the ceremony). If possible, get the best lens for your particular type of wedding photography.

Once you’ve got your photography equipment, it’s time to consider the lighting settings for your wedding photography. In addition to the main lighting setup, you will need to pay attention to the backgrounds as well. This can include the area surrounding the bride and groom, the aisle, and any surrounding areas that will need to be shadowed. You will also need to consider the general mood or theme of your wedding photography and which parts of the reception will need the most special attention. The wedding photographer should always know the general mood of the wedding ceremony in advance, which will help them to create the perfect setting for the photographs.


As well as lighting, other wedding photography tips for beginners involve using white balance settings on the digital camera. This can have a profound impact on the quality of your photographs, so it’s best to pay careful attention to this aspect of your wedding photography. This is because the white balance is not only important when the sun is in the frame, but also if the sun is moving across a scene.

wedding photography tips

Wedding Photography Tips For Beginners – Now that you have your equipment ready, it’s time to set up your wedding photography studio and get your lighting set up properly. Your lighting should be controlled with the appropriate lighting settings in mind and should compliment the colours of your wedding photography. The most common wedding photography studio lighting techniques are studio strobes, table lights, and ceiling lights. Some people prefer to use the ambient lighting option, while others prefer to use the strobe option to add extra dramatic effects to their shots. Lighting for the reception can be adjusted using soft spotlights, floor lamps, and ceiling lights.


Finally, when it comes to wedding photography tips for beginners, the photographer needs to consider the background for your shots. This can include any architectural features such as columns, pillars, stairways, etc. The background and the general ambience of the reception can make a big difference in how you take the shot.

A good wedding photographer will always remember to ask you to stand or sit somewhere else in the room before they start taking any pictures, just to make sure that they can see the entire scene before they begin. And the most important wedding photography tips for beginners is that you have a clear view of the wedding scene before you start taking the photographs. The point at which the photographer can clearly see the entire room from above, and then continue taking shots from there, is usually where they take the last one of the wedding photographs.

As you can see, there are many wedding photography tips for beginners that can help to get you started. Keep these things in mind, and your wedding will turn out exactly how you want it.