About Us

LB Photography is an award winning photography studio, based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. One of the long standing studios, running for over 12 years LB Photography has the knowledge and experience to offer a boutique and individual service for your wedding day, catering to your every need. Our success is based on our ability to connect with you, to understand your wishes and to deliver photography that will truly encapsulate your story.

As a photographer, I often get asked – what is my motivation to take pictures. I take photos from a desire to capture the beauty I see in this world that we all share. Photography to me is a platform to understand the world around me – not the way things are presented, but the way I interpret those things to be.

This motivation started at the age of 10, when my father presented me with my first Canon camera and enthused me to go out and capture my imagination. The transition from being a ‘hobbyist’ to a professional photographer seemed to creep up on me. I soon realized that it’s not just about the perfect composition or lighting, but more importantly, to capture the emotion the subject matter is feeling in that context, or the emotions they are going through at that time, wedding photography gives me the opportunity to practice this realization and every time I shoot a wedding it excites me to capture each special moment on such a special day.

And that brings us to the second most frequent question – what is my style of photography? My answer – I don’t have one! My process starts with understanding you and what you would like on your special day. Every person in this world is different, so how can I put you into one category or style? Once I get to know you, your emotions and feelings and your story – everything falls into place. Usually the process starts with meeting you, an informal chat and a cup of coffee, which by the way is my second biggest passion in life.

Please contact our studio for further information and to arrange that coffee!